Past Events

"Freedom-Seekers and the Invention of “Runaway Slaves” in Restoration London"

Friday Seminar
Simon P. Newman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mar 5, 2021 at -

Empire, Sovereignty, and Labor in the Age of Global Abolition

Feb 25, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021 (All Day)

This international conference brings scholars together in consideration of the entangled and global histories of empire and labor in the age of slavery’s abolition.

"Rebecca’s Ordeal, from Africa to the Caribbean: Sexual Exploitation, Freedom Struggles, and Black Atlantic Biography"

Friday Seminar
Randy Browne, Xavier University
Lisa A. Lindsay, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
John Wood Sweet, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Feb 12, 2021 at -

"'Mutual Interests and Reciprocal Benefits': The American Revolution and Dutch Political Economic Thought, 1775-178"

Friday Seminar
Matthijs Tieleman, University of California, Los Angeles and 2018-2019 Society of Cincinnati Fellow
Feb 5, 2021 at -

"Mkaumwa, Calumba, and Miami Columbo: Slavery and Expropriated Pharmacology from the Swahili Coast to the Ohio Valley"

Friday Seminar
Christopher Blakley, University of California, Los Angeles and 2018-2019 MCEAS Consortium Fellow
Jan 22, 2021 at -

“Making ‘the Indian’: Wax Figures and the Construction of Race in Early America”

Brown Bag Session
Ryan Bachman, University of Delaware
Apr 29, 2020 at -

“Styling Secrecy on the Early American Stagee”

Brown Bag Session
Amy Huang, Brown University
Apr 15, 2020 at -

“A Penn graduate training in History in the making of one scholar's career”

Brown Bag Session
Nicholas Canny, Emeritus Professor National University of Ireland Galway
Apr 1, 2020 at -

Co-sponsor: Penn Department of History 

“Constructing Health: Concepts of Well-Being in the Creation of Early Atlantic Cities”

Brown Bag Session
Molly Nebiolo, American Philosophical Society/ Northeastern University
Mar 18, 2020 at -

“Spanish Hunger, Cattle Ranches, and the Decline of the Florida Missions”

Brown Bag Session
Juneisy Hawkins, New York University
Mar 4, 2020 at -