Brown Bag Sessions

Please join us from 12:30 to 1:45 pm approximately twice a month on Wednesday afternoons between September and May for our Works-in-Progress Brown Bag Series. Works-in-Progress papers are circulated in advance. For copies or Zoom links, please contact


“An Affair of So Much Consideration”: The Molasses Act Controversy, 1730-33

Brown Bag Session
Eva Landsberg, Yale University
Apr 17, 2024 at -

Papers are circulated in advance. For copies, please contact the McNeil Center office. --

“Is Death Not Preferable to Slavery?”: Resistance and Diaspora in the Circum-Gulf Region, 1729-1769

Brown Bag Session
Leila K. Blackbird, University of Chicago
May 1, 2024 at -

Leila K. Blackbird (Louisiana Creole, unenrolled adoptee of Apache-Cherokee descent) is currently the Pozen Human Rights Doctoral Fellow of US & Atlantic History at the University of Chicago. She also serves as the…