'Now, to return’: John Lawson and Empire’s Public Diary

Brown Bag Session
Katrina Dzyak, Columbia University
Jan 19, 2022 at - | Zoom

Katrina Dzyak

Papers are circulated in advance. For copies, please contact the McNeil Center office. Until further notice, brownbags will convene via Zoom only. 


Katrina Dzyak is a PhD candidate in English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, where she studies American literature pre-1900. Her dissertation considers how life writing in especially the nineteenth century engages and critiques Atlantic world natural history, understood as a literary genre and arm of empire, by theorizing a politics of exhaustion that manifests ecologically, religiously, interpersonally, and individually. She is a coordinator for the Nineteenth Century Americanist Colloquium at Columbia, and has been a Graduate Fellow at Columbia’s Center for the Study of Social Difference, where she collaborated with the Motherhood and Technology working group. Towards the IRWGS graduate certificate, she developed the course “Island Thresholds: Currents, Drift, and Early American Literature.” Before coming to Columbia, she earned degrees in English and Political Science from Tufts University.