“110 Noirs Plus ou Moins Librement Engagés”: the Appropriation of Freedom and the Legacies of the Abolition of the Slave Trade

Brown Bag Session
Ana Paula Nadalini Mendes, University of Pennsylvania
Nov 8, 2023 at - | Location: Zoom Only


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Ana Paula Nadalini Mendes is a PhD candidate in the History Department at the University of Pennsylvania. Her studies focus on gender and slavery in the nineteenth-century Lusophone world. Her current research centers the shifts in gender dynamics during the anti-slave-trade campaign in Brazil and Mozambique. She is a Mellon Fellow at the Price Lab for Digital Humanities where is she is mapping the anti-slave-trade voyages by analyzing travelers' narratives. Prior to her studies in the United States, Ana Mendes worked as a professor at the Catholic University of Parana in Brazil.