‛Reader, Be Assured This Narrative is No Fiction’: Harriet Jacobs, Sentimental Fiction, and the U.S. Abridgment History of 'Pamela'

Friday Seminar
Emily Gowen, Boston University and 2020-2021 MCEAS Barra Dissertation Fellow
Mar 11, 2022 at - | Zoom

Emily Gowen

As we ease into hybrid events, we are limiting in-person attendance at seminars to current MCEAS fellows and Penn students, faculty, and staff. We look forward to when we can safely gather in greater numbers, and will continue to keep you updated.

Emily Gowen is a PhD candidate in English and was the founding director of development for Freedom Summer Collegiate, a college-access program that trains PhD students to teach summer enrichment courses in the rural south. Her dissertation explores the relationship between the rise of the novel and the problem of social inequality in the 19th-century United States.


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