A Gendered Frontier: Métissage and Indigenous Enslavement in Eighteenth-Century Basse-Louisiane

Brown Bag Session
Leila K. Blackbird, University of Chicago
Mar 29, 2023 at - | Zoom Only

Leila K. Blackbird

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Leila K. Blackbird (Louisiana Creole, unenrolled adoptee of Apache-Cherokee descent) is the Pozen Family Human Rights Doctoral Fellow of U.S. & Atlantic History at the University of Chicago. Her dissertation, entitled “Embodied Violence in the Shatter Zone: Settler Colonialism and Slavery on America’s Third Coast,” confronts the archival silences surrounding the widespread enslavement of Native and Black-Native people, especially women and children, from European intrusion through the mid-19th century in the Lower Mississippi Valley. Leila holds both a B.A. and an M.A. in History from the University of New Orleans and an A.M. in History from the University of Chicago. She is the author of chapters in What is History, Now? and Louisiana Creole Peoplehood and has forthcoming journal articles in Eighteenth-Century StudiesScholarly Editing, and the William & Mary Quarterly.