The Zuckerman Prize in American Studies

Zuckerman Prize

The deadline for submissions is 7 January 2023.

The McNeil Center for Early American Studies is pleased to announce the thirteenth annual Zuckerman Prize in American Studies, given in honor of Hyman Zuckerman and Henrietta Zuckerman Landis, parents of University of Pennsylvania Professor of History Emeritus Michael Zuckerman.

The Zuckerman prize offers $2,000 for the best dissertation connecting American history (in any period) with literature and/or art.  Only unpublished dissertations formally accepted between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022 qualify for the prize.  Submissions will be evaluated for the seriousness and originality with which the dissertation engages relationships among history, art and/or literature, the significance of the treatment to scholarship in the field, and the overall quality of the writing.

Applicants should submit a pdf copy of the entire dissertation, and should request a confidential letter from the dissertation director commenting on the intellectual significance of the work. To submit your dissertation for consideration, please use the link below. The winner will be notified in late spring and announced at the MCEAS final seminar in May.

Questions may be directed to: