Capitalism, Race, and Gender in the Early Americas: Expanding on the Work of Allan Kulikoff

Mar 3, 2023 - Mar 4, 2023 (All Day) | Zoom

Co-sponsored by the Cleveland State University Department of History
and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies

In 1986, Allan Kulikoff published Tobacco & Slaves, a reassessment of the Chesapeake region. In it, Kulikoff examined how race, class, and gender shaped social relations between white and Black inhabitants of eighteenth-century Virginia and Maryland. Time has hardly diminished the importance of this work and it remains a starting point for scholars of the early modern Chesapeake. However, Kulikoff was, in one sense, just getting started. He also published The Agrarian Origins of American Capitalism and From British Peasants to Colonial Farmers, in which he made clear the links between capitalism, race, gender, and agrarian production.

            This conference welcomes proposals for a two-day online conference that builds on Kulikoff’s work, reflects on its influence, and highlights new scholarship that engages similar themes and concerns. Potential topics include:

            -agrarian production
            -capitalism and the transition to capitalism
            -Marx and history

Each panelist will provide a paper of roughly 5,000 words by 16 January 2023. Audience members will have read the papers, so presenters may use their introductory comments to contextualize the piece. Much as Allan has done throughout his career, panel chairs will then offer opening questions to kickstart a Q&A-driven discussion.

If you wish to propose a paper, please submit an abstract (250 words) and a short curriculum vitae to mceas@sas.upenn.edu no later than 30 September 2022.