About This Conference

This conference seeks to bring together a diverse and interdisciplinary body of graduate student papers, including works of original historical research on fear and desire in early America as well as reflective pieces on the pleasures and anxieties of working within the rubrics of ‘early America’ and ‘the Atlantic World.’ Papers might address topics related but notlimited to risk and reward, disease and health, expansion and exploration, slavery and freedom, and lust and loss. Papers likely to foster exchange between disciplines such as anthropology, art history, cultural studies, economics, geography, history, literature, political science, and ethnic/race/gender studies are particularly encouraged.

Special Thanks To

Amy Baxter-Bellamy and Alla Vilnyansky for their patient assistance, and to the following individuals for their generous contributions in support of this conference: Sarah Dennis, Shona Johnston, Marcia Nichols, Joshua Ratner, Jason Sharples, Laura Keenan-Spero, Megan Walsh, and Dan Richter.